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BIOGRAPHY - Lorenzo Zampini
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lawrencedreams is Lorenzo Zampini, born in 1998, from Rome.

His attraction to creativity emerged at a very early age. Since childhood, he has been experimenting with instruments, cameras, software, and every digital or analog audiovisual medium.

During that time, he began his musical education studying piano, briefly exploring jazz and classical music and learning from various teachers. However, during his adolescence, he realized that his path was not the traditional one. He continued his self-taught education, drawing influences from rock, alternative, prog, electronic, pop, cinematic, symphonic, and others, from Chopin, Hans Zimmer, Michael Andrews to The Beatles and Bring me The Horizon.

He developed skills in editing and mixing, refining his sound and technical abilities. Simultaneously, he deepened his interest in cinema, art, psychology, photography, and philosophy.

Driven by his passion for creativity and storytelling, he delved into the realms of production and composition. In 2020, he graduated in Video Design & Film-Making at IED (European Institute of Design) with a thesis on the philosophy of sound in cinema. He translated this thesis into practice by creating a mini-documentary about the Forum Studios founded by Ennio Morricone and his renowned composer colleagues. Through this project, he had the opportunity to connect with the environment and history of film music and the professionals who inhabit it.

He collaborates with the Italian Cinema Orchestra and other independent artistic entities as a filmmaker, musician, editor, VFX artist, and sound designer. He worked for short films, sync libraries, advertisements, real estate, and social media contents.

After university, he continued his work as a freelance professional in music production, video design and storytelling.

He attended a master at CSC (National Cinema School) Lab “Music for Film” and further refined his skills in composition, storytelling, sound design, production and editing.

He is officially registered as a SIAE author and FIMI.

He also pursues personal projects related to music and psychology on the web while working on his first concept album, inspired by Jungian Psychology.

On May 6, 2023, he made his debut on Spotify and the other music streaming platforms with his first single, "Introverted Feeling", which reached its first 10,000 streams in approximately one week.

The only constant in his journey is the desire and necessity to pursue creativity and share it with the world through emotions that resonate with anyone willing to experience them.